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The Jilin Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Jilin Provincial People's Government issued Several Policy Measures on Stimulating Talent Vitality and Supporting Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3.0版)》

  1.完善人才分类定级层次。Focus on our province's "one main six double" high-quality development strategy and "six new industries" and "four new facilities" in the natural science, engineering technology, economy and finance, education and medical care, humanities and social sciences, culture and art and other fields of outstanding talents,The talents are divided into five categories: domestic and foreign top talents (Class A), national leading talents (Class B), provincial and ministerial leading talents (Class C), provincial top talents (Class D) and young reserve talents (class E)。Resolutely break the "four only" phenomenon of only papers, only titles, only academic qualifications, and only awards, highlight the evaluation orientation of not only hats but achievements, not only awards but contributions, not only qualifications but ability, improve the scientific evaluation mechanism, and reform the evaluation method。
  2.制定企业人才分类认定标准。加大企业人才评价激励力度,坚持破除“四唯”评价倾向,The main contents of the evaluation are the scale of the enterprise level, the amount of profit tax, the number of employment driven by the talent, and the performance contribution of the talent in the aspects of enterprise operation and management, core technology research and development, key technology solving, and personal income tax payment,以市场认可和社会认可为依据,科学制定企业人才分类定级标准。
  3.完善人才分类定级管理机制。建立人才分类网络申报平台,对符合条件的人才,随时申报、随时受理。We will explore ways to gradually delegate the power of talent classification and classification, and empower units and regions with mature conditions to carry out talent classification and classification based on actual conditions。
  4.人才落户零门槛。Graduates of colleges and universities, returnees from overseas studies, graduates of vocational colleges (including technical colleges), and personnel who have obtained vocational qualification certificates and vocational skill level certificates,落户城镇的,不受购房、就业、缴纳社保年限等条件限制,可到工作地、居住地公安机关申请登记城镇常住户口,上述人员配偶、父母、子女可申请随迁落户。
  6.建立人才安居保障机制。We will support and encourage the construction of talent communities in cities where talent is concentrated, and explore a multi-level and wide-coverage talent settlement mechanism with multi-subject supply and multi-channel guarantee。Local governments are encouraged to build various cooperative forms of talent apartments, youth apartments and blue-collar apartments in light of actual conditions, and can provide free accommodation services or grant rental subsidies to all types of talents who do not own their own homes and to non-local graduates who intend to find jobs, start businesses or practice in the local area。Graduates of colleges and vocational colleges (including technical colleges) can apply for housing provident fund loans after establishing personal housing provident fund accounts in our province and continuously paying in full for 6 months, and the balance ratio can be relaxed according to the actual amount of floating loans。Explore the establishment of a leasehold incentive mechanism, the government developed talent housing, C and above talents after 8 consecutive years of rental, D, E talents after 12 consecutive years of rental, can enjoy long-term rental housing rights。
  7.统筹安置引进人才配偶。For the spouses of D and above qualified full-time imported talents, local governments may, according to the wishes of their spouses and the nature of their original units, adopt special cases and one-case discussions to properly arrange work for the best。符合进入事业单位条件,但用人单位无空余编制的,可申请使用“人才编制池”编制办理入编。
  8.完善人才子女入学机制。The high-level talents identified by the provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department can be coordinated by the education administrative department of the government of the employer and enjoy the placement policy for children。Among them, the children of Class A and B talents and their immediate third generation children can study in the starting grade of the basic education school according to the talents' own wishes;The children of class C and D talents shall study in the starting grade of public schools in the stage of compulsory education in accordance with the principle of nearby preference and with reference to the talents' own wishes。Children transferred from outside the province who have been identified as high-level talents, students in non-graduation grades at the stage of compulsory education or students in ordinary high schools under the premise of meeting the gaokao policy, are not subject to the restriction of admission grade when transferred to schools within the province。省财政按每名人才子女最高不超过5万元标准给予接收学校就学补助。
  9.实施高层次人才养老保障计划。The wage-based income of high-level talents in line with national and provincial regulations, such as wages, allowances and subsidies, shall be included in the basic endowment insurance contribution base according to regulations。Units that do not have enterprise annuity for all employees can give priority to establishing enterprise annuity for high-level talents, and the unit payment of enterprise annuity can be tilted toward high-level talents。Support all types of high-level talents to establish personal pensions, and encourage qualified units to subsidize their personal contributions;On the basis of the individual's willingness and the consent of the unit, the applicant may apply for a delay in receiving the pension insurance treatment and continue to pay the pension insurance premium。
  10.提升人才就医出行旅游服务水平。Expand the service scope of "GivenCard" and "GivenCard", issue "Givencard" to talents in category D and above, and issue "Givencard" to talents in Category E。“吉享卡”持卡人(含2名随行人员),可在龙嘉机场、长春火车站享受“绿色通道”贵宾服务。"Jihan Card" "Jijian Card" cardholders and their children, spouses and parents can enjoy designated hospitals to make appointments for outpatient and inpatient "green channel" diagnosis and treatment services, can enjoy free admission services in key tourist attractions in the province, and can equally enjoy the preferential policies for talent services issued by local governments in the province。
  11.加大对博士后人才培养激励。Postdoctoral researchers with outstanding scientific and technological achievements and development potential can be recommended to apply for the national high-level talent support program according to regulations, and the highest scientific research funding of not more than 200,000 yuan can be directly applied for deputy senior titles。
  Postdoctoral researchers who have signed a five-year or more employment contract with an employer in our province will be given a research start-up fund of no more than 100,000 yuan by the provincial finance, and can apply for a senior title after working for 3 years after the appointment of deputy senior title。对省内企事业单位引进的或出站后留吉工作的博士后研究人员,经推荐可择优认定为D类人才。
  Each year, 5-10 outstanding postdoctoral researchers are selected or introduced to carry out international exchanges, and the provincial finance grants each of them a maximum of 200,000 yuan。The teams and contestants who won gold, silver and bronze awards in the National Post-doctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be awarded according to the national award standards;If the winning project is transformed and landed in our province, the provincial finance will give the maximum reward fund of not more than 500,000 yuan。
  12.继续强化薪酬激励。For E and above talents in public institutions who enjoy the treatment of national recognition and awards, the salary scale can be raised by 2 levels according to the prescribed standards;Those who enjoy the treatment of provincial and ministerial level commendation award recipients, the salary scale may be raised by 1 level according to the prescribed standard。Where two or more commendations and awards are awarded for the same matter, the salary scale shall not be repeated;The salary scale of the commendation award has been correspondingly high, and it will remain unchanged。
  For the city (state) and above cities to the county and township grass-roots line engaged in professional technical work for more than 3 years and still engaged in the grass-roots line of professional technical work, can be 1-2 years in advance to declare the title of the next level, independently approved, separate management。For doctors and masters who have signed a three-year work service agreement with enterprises and institutions of the county (city) and below, they can respectively apply for deputy senior titles and intermediate titles outside the assessment examination series, which are independently verified and managed separately。持续开展乡村人才职称评审工作,发放乡村人才职称补贴。
  15.加大人才荣誉称号评选倾斜力度。Academician workstation in the province, national laboratory, national key laboratory, National Engineering Research Center (engineering laboratory), National Enterprise Technology Center, National postdoctoral mobility (work) station, provincial postdoctoral innovation practice base, national and provincial expert service (talent training, continuing education) base, national and provincial overseas students Pioneer Park, national skill master workThe department, the national double and innovation demonstration base and the national small and medium-sized enterprise public service platform, the national "specialized and special new" enterprise and other units (organizations) belong to talents,参加国务院特殊津贴、省拔尖创新人才、省突出贡献专家等人才荣誉称号评选时,可实行单设指标,直推直报。
  16.放活人才评价管理机制。下放省属事业单位三级专业技术岗位自主评聘权限。For provincial public institutions with intensive talents and prominent post employment contradictions, explore the establishment of a management mechanism in which the total number of posts with senior technical titles remains unchanged and the proportion of posts is dynamically adjusted。驻省中直事业单位可申请参加我省二三级专业技术岗位的评审。Support employers to independently carry out the identification of vocational skill levels, for highly skilled, outstanding performance of first-line skills talents, meet the conditions can apply for identification of the corresponding vocational skill levels。
  17.拓展人才事业发展空间。For enterprises and public institutions part-time engaged in engineering, vocational education, agriculture, research, art, cultural relics and museums, arts and crafts, sports, experimental technology and other fields of professional or skilled talents, meet the conditions can apply for recognition of the corresponding vocational and technical grades or professional and technical titles。We will establish and improve the evaluation standard system for professional and technical titles of emerging business types, and bring practitioners of new business types and non-staff technical personnel of key talents and public institutions into the scope of title evaluation。
  18.强化技能人才学历待遇保障。Support technical college graduates in the recruitment, civil service recruitment, recruitment of enterprises and institutions, professional and technical qualification examinations and other aspects of the corresponding academic education to enjoy the same treatment, meet the requirements of the provincial general college entrance examination of the same degree can participate in the college entrance examination。
  19.放活编制管理政策。实施吉林省万名人才专项编制保障工程,坚持省市县统筹联动,拓展人才用编范围,加强引进高层次人才用编保障,Establish a flexible service mechanism such as the introduction of high-level talents in major projects or key enterprises, the protection of family members and team members of high-level talents in Kyrgyzstan, and the use of special establishment turnover by direct units in Kyrgyzstan。
  20.优化人才岗位管理机制。A and B talents who have made outstanding contributions to performance can be directly employed for professional and technical posts at the first and second levels;E talents who have made outstanding contributions to C and D talents and performance can be directly assessed for senior titles。
  各级事业单位引进和培养的C类及以上人才,岗位单独核定,Single column management;D outstanding talents who have won important commendations and awards at or above the provincial level, obtained the title of talents with high gold content, and made outstanding contributions in the field of work; and E and above talents introduced and cultivated by public institutions at or below the county level,岗位可单独核定,单列管理。Other D talents and E talents with outstanding performance contributions in provincial and municipal (state) public institutions at the two levels, where there are no vacant positions in the unit and it is necessary to be hired, they can be hired over the post in accordance with the method of one case and one discussion, after being reported to the human resources and social security department at the same level for approval by the competent department, and timely digested when vacancies occur at the same level。
  21.支持用人单位柔性引才。鼓励用人单位采取协议工资、项目工资等方式柔性引进高层次人才。For the innovation platform and team formed by the high-level talents introduced by the employer, the provincial finance will give a maximum of 10 million yuan of capital subsidies for the employer's investment in the site, equipment, technical reform, research and development, salary incentives and other aspects。Support employers to establish R&D centers, open laboratories, technology transfer centers and other "talent enclaves" outside the region, and the high-level talents hired by them are regarded as working full-time in Kyrgyzstan, and the employers can apply for provincial talents and science and technology projects。
  The one-time subsidy (regarded as the national bonus) obtained by the foreign high-level imported talents returning to China shall be exempted from individual income tax according to regulations。企业柔性引进高层次人才所支付的奖励和劳务报酬,可依法在企业所得税税前扣除。Flexible talents can enjoy the incentive and funding policy of introducing similar high-level talents in our province by time and stages, and the corresponding level of talents can enjoy the "Jixiang card" and "Jijian card" service projects during the Kyrgyz period。
  22.赋予园区、企业自主职称评审权。State-level development zones, industrial parks and key enterprises, leading enterprises and key industry project teams with intensive professional and technical personnel in the area can apply to set up their own title evaluation committee, independently carry out title evaluation, directional evaluation and directional use。
  23.强化技能人才培养。To optimize the mechanism of promoting learning through competition, and to obtain gold, silver, and bronze MEDALS in the World Skills Competition and National Vocational Skills Competition to stay in the province for employment, the provincial finance can give a maximum of 500,000 yuan reward funds。对备战世界职业技能大赛的企业和职业院校直接认定为省级职业技能实训基地,The provincial finance will grant a subsidy of no more than 2 million yuan to the vocational skills training base;Enterprises and vocational schools preparing for the national Vocational skills competition,在认定省级职业技能实训基地时给予资金倾斜,省财政择优给予最高不超过100万元职业技能实训基地补助。
  Improve the recognition and reward system for skilled talents, do a good job in Jilin Skill Award, Jilin Technical Expert and Jilin Skill Teacher selection and commendation, and incorporate high-skilled leading talents into the province's vacation and recuperation plan。
  24.大力培养卓越工程师队伍。Encourage FAW Group and other key enterprises to use idle plants, real estate, parks, incubation bases, etc., to establish a number of provincial "excellent engineer training centers"。每年选拔一批与高校建立良好合作关系的企业,授予开展工程技术系列等职称自主评审权。Carry out the pilot reform of the training of master and doctor of engineering, and jointly train about 500 master of engineering and doctor of engineering graduates every year, and master of engineering graduates can participate in the engineer evaluation one year in advance, and doctoral engineering graduates can participate in the senior engineer evaluation one year in advance。
  25.打造高质量人才培养平台。It focuses on "black land" protection, beef cattle breeding, seed industry development, space remote sensing, carbon fiber industry, traditional Chinese medicine industry, ice and snow tourism, ecological environmental protection and other industries,建设一批独具吉林地缘优势、科教优势、人才优势的区域性人才集聚中心,着力建设一批吉林省人才培养基地、博士后科研流动站(工作站)等人才培养平台,结合实际逐步赋予其人才分类评价、职称评审、技能等级认定、编制使用等自主权。
  26.建立高层次紧缺人才引进特殊通道机制。To support key development zones such as Changchun, Changchun Jingyue High-tech Industrial Development Zone National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Jilin Changchun National Agricultural High-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone, as well as national laboratories and national key laboratories in the province to implement special channels for talent introduction evaluation,对引进人才按照“一事一议、特事特办、随来随办、随时兑现”原则,实施子女入学、编制保障、安家补贴、配偶就业安置等激励措施,提升人才平台吸引力创新力。
  27.实施“吉人回乡”创业就业合作工程。Set up "Jiren Return Home" talent liaison service office, set up "Jiren Return home" talent liaison service stations in developed areas such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and Yangtze River Delta, and build Jiren return home docking service platform。Give full play to the role of the brand carrier of "Jiji People returning home", and gather all kinds of talents to return to Jiji for innovation and entrepreneurship by holding (promising) various talent summits, think tank forums, project fairs, talent recruitment fairs and participating in China Overseas talent exchange meetings。
  28.加大引才平台载体支持。For large-scale international academic conferences, high-end forums, talent summits, and science and technology exhibitions held in the province, focusing on the docking and introduction of outstanding talents, the provincial finance will grant a one-time funding subsidy of up to 1 million yuan。
  29.支持科研人员离岗创业。Scientific researchers of institutions such as universities, research institutes, hospitals and other institutions may leave their posts with scientific and technological achievements to start businesses with the consent of their units. During the period of departure, the original units shall pay basic wages and pay social insurance。With the consent of their units, scientific research talents can innovate part-time or establish enterprises on the job, and the rights and welfare benefits of the units to which their personnel relations belong will not be affected, and they can enjoy the same rights to obtain remuneration, bonus and equity incentive as the employees of part-time enterprises or dispatched units。Flexible distribution methods such as annual salary system, agreed salary and project salary can be implemented for the introduction of talents who undertake important research projects and are in urgent need of high-level talents。
  30.继续加强成果转化激励。科技成果转化净收入可按规定给予科研人员奖励报酬。将科技成果转让、许可他人实施的,从净收入中提取不低于70%的比例用于奖励;利用科技成果作价投资的,Not less than 70% of the formed equity or capital contribution shall be used as rewards;Implementing scientific and technological achievements on their own or in cooperation with others,转化成功投产后连续5年每年从营业利润中提取不低于10%的比例用于奖励。在科技成果研发和转化中作出主要贡献的人员,获得不低于总额60%的奖励份额。
  31.实施创新创业支持政策。Increase the support for innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the fields of "six new industries", "specialized and special new" enterprises, and "four new facilities" construction, optimize the talent funding mechanism, and grant no more than 1 million yuan of funding from the provincial finance according to the three levels of top talents, outstanding talents, and young talents。择优扶持一批青年人才创新创业团队,可给予最高不超过50万元资金资助。
  32.实施人才科研成果转化金融扶持。For the enterprises founded by innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the province or the projects whose scientific research results are transformed and landed in the province, through the special fund for innovation and entrepreneurship of high-end talents in the province, the maximum financial support of no more than 10 million yuan is given to each project in a market-oriented operation mode。院士级顶尖人才省内创业项目可提供最高2000万元金融支持,用于定向股权投资。
  33.实施创业担保贷款优惠。Qualified entrepreneurs can apply for a start-up guarantee loan of up to 200,000 yuan, with a maximum term of three years;The maximum amount of personal loans for partnership entrepreneurs is 220,000 yuan, the total amount of loans does not exceed 2.2 million yuan, and the maximum term is three years。符合条件的中小微企业贷款额度最高400万元,期限最长两年。对上述贷款财政部门按规定给予贴息。
  34.实施科研人员科技成果转化税收优惠。Where universities and research institutes transform job-related scientific and technological achievements and give individual rewards to scientific and technological personnel in the form of shares or proportion of capital contribution, individual income tax shall not be levied temporarily;Where the winner receives dividends or transfers equity or investment proportions according to the proportion of shares or investment, he shall pay individual income tax according to law。High-tech enterprises transform scientific and technological achievements, give the relevant technical personnel of the enterprise equity rewards, individuals have difficulties in one-time payment of tax, according to the actual situation of their own installment tax plan, in no more than 5 Gregorian calendar years (including) installment payment。According to the provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, the cash rewards given to scientific and technological personnel from the income from the transformation of scientific and technological achievements can be reduced by 50% and included in the monthly wages and salaries of scientific and technological personnel, and individual income tax shall be paid according to law。
  为确保本政策措施落地见效,建立省级人才工作联席会议机制,协调推进各项政策措施。省人社厅牵头统筹协调相关部门推动人才政策落实,财政部门负责做好资金保障工作。All provincial departments should adhere to the "five modernizations" closed-loop working method, establish working mechanisms such as communication and coordination, supervision and inspection, and contact services, formulate implementation rules and implementation measures in light of the actual situation, and effectively consolidate work responsibilities。
  All departments and units should fully show a clear attitude of seeking talents, valuing talents, and cherishing talents, publicize Jilin's open, inclusive, pragmatic and innovative talent policy, and actively create a good social atmosphere of recognizing talents, respecting talents, employing talents, and gathering talents。各市(州)党委和政府要结合实际制定相应人才激励措施,按照A、B、C、D、E五个人才类别层次,有针对性地挖掘、培养、推荐一批符合地方发展需求的高层次急需紧缺人才,及时组织兑现人才激励政策待遇,确保政策落地见效。