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来源:   时间: 2023-09-15 17:12

  915日,Gaoxin street Hengxia community lead,Joint Jingyuan, Shantou, Huake, Zhuhai community and Guangming Village,同吉林市税务局、吉林市档案馆、高新区人民法院、吉高集团、吉林医药学院、吉林省烟草公司吉林市公司、吉林市城市燃气分公司等党建联盟单位及各银行分行共同在中秋国庆“双节”前夕开展了“家门口”党建——“魅力中秋迎国庆 中华民族一家亲”主题文艺汇演活动。

  The performance brings together a variety of art forms such as song, dance and musical instrument ensemble, and the wonderful performances one song after another express their love for the motherland and their longing for life, demonstrating the charm of traditional festivals。

  This activity fully demonstrated the positive spirit of the residents in the area, further enhanced the sense of honor, belonging and mission of the masses, created a strong festival atmosphere, inherited traditional Chinese culture, and effectively delivered cultural services to the residents "doorstep".。